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What To Look For In An Improv Class

There are many improv classes to choose among both at CSz Sacramento and at other theaters. We suggest asking some key questions and speaking with the instructor before making a choice.

Does the class emphasize a specific form or show format?

A good improv class will focus on skills and craft instead of emphasizing long form, short form/games, a specific show format, or a particular style.  Our classes offer comprehensive learning covering skills that you can use to explore many types of improv and other art forms.  We do not emphasize ComedySportz or any other specific style.

How long is the class?  How many weeks do the sessions run?

Most improv are typically 2 hours per class.  Spreading the learning over several weeks allows students to learn gradually as well as to consider and apply the material between classes.  We recommend this approach versus trying to absorb too much material in just one or two very long sessions.  Sessions can run 4-8 weeks. We believe that 6 weeks is sufficient for a Begineer Class.  Why commit to an 8 week session if you are unsure or new to improv?  Shorter sessions are also less likely to cause scheduling conflicts due to vacation, travel, special work events, etc.

How long have the instructors been teaching and/or performing?

As with many art forms, developing improv skills takes time and dedication.  You’re likely to see a big difference between instructors with just 1-2 years of experience vs. 3, 5 or more years of experience.  Our instructors have a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Our lead  instructor, Chris Crotty, brings over 15 years of improv teaching experience.  He has taught over 700 workshops at all levels, from beginners to veterans, from children to adults.  Chris does a terrific job of leading new and inexperienced students to great discoveries, as well as guiding students from different backgrounds into a dynamic, effective group.  He is a dedicated, caring instructor who never forgets the fun of improv.