Weekly Show Schedule
Fridays 8 PM
Saturday 8 PM

Other Shows
Improvivor/Mayhem/Shower Thoughts/Jack Jackson/The Blue Show
Friday 10 PM
Saturday 10 PM

ComedySportz Minor League
2nd/4th Thurs 8 PM as scheduled
Check show pages for current schedule, special shows & other events.
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The Wonderful People Who Currently Love To Make Your Laugh

  • Ruben Acosta (Shower Thoughts)
  • Matthew Adams (ComedySportz)
  • Ross Benevent (Shower Thoughts)
  • Nate Breshears (ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Jeremy Brint (ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Amanda Byers (Mayhem)
  • Chris Crotty (ComedySportz/Mayhem/Cosmic Conquest/Jack Jackson/General Manager)
  • Frank Demattos (The Set)
  • David Demola (ComedySportz/Cosmic Conquest)
  • Brandon Dustin (ComedySportz)
  • Audrey Dyte (ComedySportz)
  • Seth Dyte (ComedySportz/Mayhem/The Set/Jack Jackson)
  • Carissa Edwards(ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Ariel Elinor (ComedySportz/Cosmic Conquest)
  • Jenni Faller (ComedySportz/The Set)
  • Adam Garn (ComedySportz/Shower Thoughts)
  • Dan Hansen (ComedySportz)
  • Nick Helmer (ComedySportz)
  • Sarah Henshaw (ComedySportz/The Set/Jack Jackson)
  • Keanu Hoohuli (ComedySportz)
  • Dave Humphrey (The Set)
  • Ryan King (Shower Thoughts)
  • Joshua Lee (Cosmic Conquest)
  • Grace Loescher (ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Justine Lopez (ComedySportz/Shower Thoughts)
  • Evan Lucero (Shower Thoughts)
  • Nikki Maraviglia (ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Josh Marston (ComedySportz)
  • Vincent Martinez (ComedySportz/Mayhem/The Set/Shower Thoughts)
  • Susan Morman (ComedySportz/Mayhem/The Set/Cosmic Conquest)
  • Emily Peeler (Shower Thoughts)
  • Mckayla Peterson (ComedySportz/Mayhem)
  • Dan Rankin (The Set)
  • Linda Saeturn(The Set)
  • Josue Sanchez (ComedySportz/Cosmic Conquest/Mayhem)
  • Kameron Schmid (ComedySportz/Jack Jackson/Shower Thoughts)
  • Brian Sennello (Keys)
  • Jack Sheldon (ComedySportz)
  • Johnny Snezek (The Set)
  • Connie Trujillo (ComedySportz)
  • Matthew Walker (ComedySportz)
  • Annabelle Wilcox (ComedySportz)
  • Mike Wise (ComedySportz)