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Level One (Beginner): An Introduction To Improv

New Monday Session, 7 PM - 9 PM beginning 7/31/17

$100 (or $75 for Teachers and Students)
6 weeks. No class Labor Day. Limited space.

Learn key improv concepts in a fun, comfortable setting whether you want to perform, gain a valuable life skill, or just have more laughter in your life.

  • Learn how to develop your ideas into improv scenes.
  • Explore how to use scenes to tell stories, play improv games, and play with patterns/themes.
  • Taught by a dedicated, caring instructor with over 15 years of improv teaching experience.
  • Students can re-take the class or make up missed classes during a future session for FREE! 

This workshop will boost creativity and confidence while introducing you to the skills of improvisation.  Each week you’ll enjoy fun exercises and improv games that will develop communication skills, teach teamwork, and encourage spontaneity.  Learn how to improvise in a safe, non-judgmental environment where the laughter comes easy, and fun is the name of the game. No prerequisite except a willingness for silliness.

Our class does not teach any specific improv format (ComedySportz, short form, long form).  Instead, it covers key concepts applicable to any type of improv. The class teaches you how to move from your ideas to improv scenes, and then how to use scenes to tell stories, play games, or explore patterns. We believe 6 weeks is sufficient for an introduction to improv.

  • Active Listening
  • Acceptance
  • Synthesis
  • Offers
  • Yes, And
  • Characters
  • Relationships
  • Space Object Work
  • Heightening
  • Developing Scenes
  • Introduction to Narrative (Story), Elemental (Game), and Thematic (Pattern) based improv

Our lead instructor, Chris Crotty, brings over 15 years of improv teaching experience. He has taught over 500 workshops at all levels, from beginners to veterans, from children to adults. Chris does a terrific job of leading new and inexperienced students to great discoveries, as well as guiding students from different backgrounds into a dynamic, effective group. He is a dedicated, caring instructor who never forgets the fun of improv.