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Friday 10 PM
Saturday 10 PM

ComedySportz Minor League
2nd/4th Thurs 8 PM as scheduled
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A Game Show Like Improv Competition Open To Teams Of ANY Level

Thursdays 8 PM, Ages 13+

Two teams compete in a series of improv games and bonus challenges to win The Meaningless Cup.  Team of all levels are welcome, including people who have never been on stage before.  Grab 2 friends, form a team, and give us a call to get on the schedule.  Grab 5 friends, form 2 teams, and give us a call.  We’ll coach you through doing a show for your friends, family, and other wonderful people

Each winning team has the right to return during the next 4 weeks to play again AND a change to add a memento to the every growing Meaningless Cup.

Current Standings (Effective 2/1)

Dog Cat Robot 1-0
Improvocative 1-0
JJS 0-1

The Team 0-1